The company


A friendship visit in Bulgaria  


In 2004, several entrepreneurs from South Tyrol paid a visit to a university friend living in Bulgaria. They saw a state before EU entry and a country on the move, but still far away from the West European standards. Soon they came upon the idea of using this friendship professional


Said and done. It didn't take long until Nikola Stojanov, Evelyn Oberleiter, Franz Simmerle, Alex Pörnbacher and Arnold Kaser established the company „Lotse“, headquartered in Sofia. Moreover, a representative office in South Tirol/ Italy was opened with intend to be closer to the Lotse customers from the Alps region. 


Inspired by the company name - Lotse (in German pilot – the man who shows the way) – we developed our services in the field of internationalization, aiming to enable the access of our clients to new markets and thus to ensure the stability and further development of their business.


In this regard, we have developed an excellent collaboration with Chambers of Commerce and Export Organizations from South Tyrol, Switzerland, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, South Korea, USA and India, as well as with our colleagues – consulting agencies from France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Scandinavia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and many other countries.


Our customers’ need to ensure the sustained development of their export markets has incited us to expand our business. Within a few years, between 2006 and 2009, we have opened offices in Romania, Turkey and Serbia. In the last two years we have established our own teams also in Greece, Cyprus and Moldova.


Nowadays, through our own offices and through our network of local consultants, we are able to provide our services in the entire Europe and beyond.